A New and Relaxing Pastime

Adult coloring has recently become a good friend of mine.  Actually, it has become an addiction!

In September 2017, I was browsing Jack’s Discount store in New York City’s Herald Square, when I ran across coloring books and markers.   I immediately picked up a book and some markers at $1.99 each–hey, WHAT A BARGIN!!  I was fascinated when I saw them because a while back, I assessed a senior citizen program I monitor and saw that one of their activities was coloring–which I thought was so cool!

Since taking up with this new activity, I stopped sleeping on my train ride home to and/or from work, which is an hour either way. I know I should be aware of my surroundings, but with my music playing in my ears along with my book and pencils in hand, coloring away, its easy yo get lost in my little coloring world.  Before I know it, I’m at my stop and strangely enough, I kinda wish I had more stops o go.  It’s undoubtedly relaxing and even more, releases the stresses of my mind for the time I’m coloring! Who knew?!

I started out using cheap markers, graduated to Sharpies and then discovered there is a wide community of colorists/artists out there coloring adult style.  This is where I realized how popular colored pencils are; in particular, Prismacolor and Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, and then some…

Below are some of the pages I’ve colored thus far, in deep, rich colors of which I have found is my coloring technique; however, I do like light colors to contrast against the dark tones.

Calm Waters Studios presents Flower Power,  An Anti-Stress Coloring Book

Pages from my first coloring book were all colored with Sharpies

My Bermuda Coloring Book  Series 3 by Gretchen Gurr
This book I purchased on my trip with the Capital Jazz SuperCruise September 2017. Check out The Sight of Sound by Sista Suga to see past reviews on Capital Jazz Cruises.

These two pages are mixed with Sharpies and Prismacolor pencils

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made Inspirational Coloring Book20171120_214228

I am most proud of this bird to date; all completed with Prismacolor Pencils


Also from This Is The Day The Lord Has Made Inspirational Coloring Book Completed with Black Widow Colored Pencils

This was one of my WIP (work in progress) from
The Coloring Book of Positivity


Here it is completed


Davlina’s Art, Dollardiva99, Chris Cheng, and Erin of Simple Art for Adults have inspired my coloring and they share valuable coloring tips and techniques you can check out should you become interested in adult coloring.

Davlina’s Art


Chris Cheng

Simple Art for Adults

These four women have inspired me and assisted in my learning experience with adult coloring and I’m loving it!

Colors definitely evoke emotions and I am here to tell you that coloring and making these pages come alive has given me life!